Increasing Sales

Print Your Logo
  • Print Your Logos, Brands, and Other Marketing Titles on The Frontside of Reflective Film/Tape.
  • Distributors, Wholesalers, Exclusive Agent, New Players in This Industry, Brands Advertisers, ... Could Not Miss This.

Up-Lifting Brands

Marking Logo by Laser
  • Laser Marking Your Logos, Brands, Images,... On the Frontside of Reflective Film/Tape.
  • Quality Garment Producers, Brands Owners, New Brands Advertisers, Brands Creators, ... Could Not Miss This

Make A Breathable Product

Perforation in Options
  • Customize Your Own Designs of Perforating on Reflective Tape

Stretchable Function in Option

Stretchable and Recoverable
  • Option that Designed for Stretchable/Spandex Fabrics
  • Stretchability and Recoverability Sync with Backing Fabrics

Lightweight & Breathable

Segmented Designs in Options
  • Customize Your Own Designs of Segmenting.
  • Segmented Designs Not To Be Always The Same. Garment Designer, Fashion Makers Love This Very Much!

Third Parties Certify Performance

SATRA, TUV, CalCoast ...
  • Many Labs and Testing Agents Have Certified This Series of Reflective Tape

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