Why Choose Iron-On Reflective Tape

Testing on Small Piece of Sample of Fabric

Finding The Best Settings

Set-up Praticing Principles of Mass Production

Prepare Mass Production

Prepare and Acknowledge Potential Challenge in Mass Production

Not Compatible to All of Fabrics

Don't Move Protective Film Before Transfer

Don't Exposed To Specified Hot And Humid

Test and Determine Bondness Is Desired

Don't Expose to Sulf Compounds

Acknowledge All Required Settings on Transfer Machines

Acknowledge Setting of Required Temperature

Acknowledge Required Setting of Dwell Time

Acknowledge Required Setting of Pressure

Make Sure All Settings on Transfer Machines Reflect Real Requirements

Don't Immediately Remove PET film on Reflective Side after Heat Transfer

Follow Care Instructions From Reflective Material Producer

Follow Washing/Cleaning Instruction from Reflective Material Producer

Set-up Clothing/End-Product Care Instruction for End-Using Customers

All Settings on Transfer Machines Should Reflect All Real Requrements

Laminating Temperature, Dwell Time, Pressure Should Be Consistent For The Same Fabrics

Follow All Instructions of Heat Transfer Operation from Reflective Material Supplier

Follow All Instruction of Heat Transfer Operation Set-up By Grament Producer

Longer Lasting Results
Award Winning SEO Agency

Review All Settings on Heat Transfer Machines

Review The Weeding/Peeling Method of PET Film on Reflective Side

Review The Room Temperature of Heat Transfer Operation

Review The Raw Material of Backing Fabrics

Review The Whole Operation of Heat Transfer

How Heat Transfer Reflective Tape Benefit Our Customers


Business Goal


Cost Control


Improve Performance

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Introducing New Arrival ...

Fluorescent + Silver + Fluorescent Flame Resistant and Home Wash Heat-Transfer Reflective Tape


Options of 25| 50 Home Wash Cycles


Fluorscent Lime-Yellowish or

Fluorescent Orange-Red

NFPA 1951 | 1971 | 1977 | NFPA 2112 | EN ISO 15025 | EN ISO 14116

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